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78% Of Enterprise Apps Are Abandoned After The First Use

78% Of Enterprise Apps Are Abandoned After The First Use
We came across some data from a study by SAP that reported 78% of enterprise apps are abandoned after their first use.

This points to a sizable gap between the expectations of the enterprise and its users.

You can improve adoption rates — by treating your users like customers, “selling” the apps to your organization, tracking usage, and gathering feedback. But the ultimate solution is to ensure your enterprise apps address business functions or needs and exceed your user group’s expectations.

#TIP – Ensure Your Enterprise Apps Address the Business Function and Exceed Your Users Expectations

In order to motivate user adoption, enterprise apps need features that support the end-user’s day-to-day tasks. If your apps lack robust features or provide a non-intuitive experience, the likelihood of abandonment is high. Enterprise apps should not complicate the end-user’s workflow. Apps that do not meet these expectations are destined for abandonment. It is important to find the right mix between security/business needs and user experience.
This is why M.E.D.X was designed by our end user — the healthcare professional.


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