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Bring Your Own Device Solution (BYOD)

MEDX is a BYOD solution which means using EMPLOYEE smartphones without compromising the security of EMPLOYER data being exchanged between devices. Further, using MEDX as your mobile messaging system makes your employees even more secure than purchasing expensive encrypted phones. MEDX’s unique encrypted architecture centralizes the data making sure every party involved in the conversation is secure and able to control their own data. Contact us today to learn more about how MEDX is a very advanced BYOD application.  Remember, phones do not talk to each other, the back-end does. 

BYOD Trends

  • Organizations are trending upwards towards using personal devices for work since 2012 (Gartner, 2014).
  • Gartner (2014) is reporting that 82% of CIOs support BYOD due to its potential cost savings.
  • Part of the gains come from shifting costs to employees whom are estimated to spend an average of $965 on their devices as well as $734 each year on data plans (, 2014).
  • Putzer and Park (2012) discovered that the Influencing factors for nurses using their smartphones are:
    1. Observing others using a smartphone at work
    2. Their perceived capability of the smartphone compared to other technology
    3. The internal work environment including size, resources and support from management
  • 84% of physicians report using their smartphones for work purposes (Statista, 2014).
  • 80% of nurses are now using their personal smartphones (Statista, 2014)
  • 41% percent of healthcare personnel report using their mobile devices without password protection (Physicians Practice, 2014).
  • Between 2009 and March 2015, there has been over 8 billion dollars spent on HIPAA-violations (Privacy Analytics, 2015).

To ensure that MEDX alleviates pressure from these trends, it follows the guidelines of Ernst and Young’s BYOD Model.

Ernst and Young BYOD

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Connected Medical Devices and BYOD

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