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HIPAA Compliance

Secure Texting


MEDX’s architecture is in compliance with all HITECH and HIPAA technical safeguards.

Secure Texting

AES 256K

Data at rest is encrypted at server, database and device level with 256K AES encryption algorithms.

Secure Texting


All transmission of data is encrypted using SSL/TLS cryptographic protocols.

What is HIPAA?

HHS LogoThe Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996, protects the medical information of individuals across the United States. HIPAA sets national standards focused on the security of electronic protected health information. Anyone working in the healthcare industry that handles protected health information of patients must meet the requirements of HIPAA. This includes medical clinics, law offices, information technology companies and all other professionals in healthcare.

HIPAA regulations also apply to any Canadian healthcare organization or business associate interacts with centers for Medicare and Medicaid services or any other United States covered entity. If you’re obligated to comply with HIPAA and you have a data breach, you could be facing very large fines or legal action from the United States.