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How To Send Secure Text Messages To Your Staff and Patients

How To Send Secure Text Messages To Your Staff and Patients

How To Send Secure Text Messages To Your Staff and Patients

As we continue to roll out the M.E.D.X app ‘Patient Version’ to our current customers and complete our use cases at the healthcare clinic level, we continue find more research supporting the notion of healthcare providers giving access to their patients via text messaging.

In a nutshell, M.E.D.X patient allows providers and their staff to communicate securely while maintaining HIPAA compliance. This creates a peace-of-mind experience on the provider side as well as a customer support experience on the patient side. According to Chase Dombrowski, CTO of the M.E.D.X app, “both parties are able to benefit tremendously if the communication system is easy to use, simple to understand, and protects privacy on both sides. He further states that “there should NEVER be a steep learning curve or technological barrier that would derail either party from texting each other about their care.”

In an article by ‘mobihealth news‘, they explore this very dynamic, but question its security.

Mobi Health News Report


The article discusses in length about the measures both the provider and patient could take to ensure that they are following HIPAA guidelines if using unsecured methods to communicate. The article also highlights the risk associated with unsecured methods because of the amount of cooperation and attention-to-detail needed by both sides. The article also suggests that having a solution to secure these usually unsecured means of communication might be an effective way to cut out the static when electronically exchanging information.

From our experience at M.E.D.X; especially when discussing communication between provider and patient scenarios, we always suggest to have control of your data so both parties are protected. Too many times we hear that the data is unavailable or that its saved onto too many different servers causing ‘data sprawl’.

To learn more about HIPAA and data sprawl see: M.E.D.X app CMO conducts HIPAA presentation at America Plastic Surgery Society Annual Tradeshow Meeting (link to the HIPAA pdf). We we like to do is show how information security should be take very seriously, but not at the compromise of user-friendliness. Further, due to our low cost pricing, it does NOT break the bank!

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